Wealth Without Risk

Wealth Without Risk Purchasing Tax Lien Certificates

Saen Higgins

So I like this concept and idea a lot, I really do. “No way to lose, either get interest or get property.” Sounds great, and it may very well be. I did a quick search for tax lien certificates in my area, and I did find a good amount of information to back what is being said on the infomercial.

People say that they are emptying their IRA accounts and buying these certificates, wow. That scared me a little at first, but it def makes sense I guess. If you will make 16-25% “per year” on your money, then great. If the lien is never paid back by the owner, then eventually, the property could be your. If there are any outstanding and/or additional taxes or fees due at that time, simply pay them and you own the property.

If the person does pay the back taxes (hopefully for there sake they are able to) you simply get your money back, along with the interest on it.

Sounds really cool, and if you have some money laying around that you don’t mind tying up in these tax lien certificates, as the Wealth Without Risk program suggests, then it should all work.

My only thing as usual with any of these products that are being offered through the TV is, do you really need this course to get involved in purchasing these liens? I was able to find a lot with a very short search. It tells you right on the commercial to search within the county level. From there it seems to me that it’s public information, available to all.

Any time you buy something online, there will always be a “back end sale,” or up sell of some kind, and just can not help but wonder what that back end offer with this program is. Usually some kind of hand holding program for x amount of dollars more to get you really on the fast track. Infomercials are expensive! You need to be making a heck of a lot more that $19.95 to be profitable.

I would say that all in all, Saen Higgins has uncovered a very viable way to invest in real estate tax liens with his wealth without risk program. Maybe see what you can find out with your own leg work first, then if all else fails, drop the $19.95 for some help. Just be strong when the upsell process gets underway. We have not yet found any negative reports on the program.

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